The Pocket Diary Promises

–    Coming , coming. …….. yes ?
–    Hi sir, may I please meet Mr. Utpal Sharma ?
–    Yes, of course. Please come in.
–    Thank you sir.

–    Yes, tell me Mr.Ummm ….
–     Anindya Saha.  I am from Inkabus Publication House.
–    Ok. Yes ! I have read some books of your publication. “The Lone Ticket Master”,”Vascular Beliefs” … your publication right ?
–    Yes sir, absolutely.
–    But ,…… I mean,…. I actually can’t understand …. ummm
–    Actually sir, I came here to give you this invitation card, You knew someone named Indrajeet Mukherjee ?
–    Indrajeet … Indrajeet …. yes  yes, Jeet. I used to work with him in Parbatpur Mining Plant. That seems like some another era when I think about. Those days……. but why ? How do you know him ?
–    Actually sir he passed away couple of days ago. This invitation is for a gathering followed by a feast in his memory.
–    What ! What happened ? It feels very hurting to hear this. He was such a good person. A person with remarkable wit and enchanting personality.
–    He was suffering from a chronic liver failure. Sir, Do you know some Gopal Da ? Some Hotel guy may be ….
–    Yes. He used to run a small hotel in Parbat Pur. We were his dedicated customers in lunch hours. But why ?
–    Sir, Do you have any contact of him ?
–    No ! It’s years ago. We are talking about a time when I could walk kilometres of distances with my own feet. That was the time when we just started our careers. Now I have to use this stick to walk within my house. How can I have his contact !
–    Sorry sir.
–    No, No, it’s okay . By the way ….. ummm …… Mr. Saha may I know from where are getting these names, I mean my name, Gopal Da … Did Jeet gave you some instructions before he …?
–    Yes sir, you got it right. He started writing last couple of years. I published his books. The books got very popular.
–    Jeet ! Writer !! Strange ! never heard his name …. in this regard.
–    Sir, he used a pen name. You might have read books written by Meghnad Sarkar ?
–    What ! that means “The Lone Ticket Master”,”Vascular Beliefs” …. these books are written by Jeet !!! I can’t believe this !
–    Yes sir. He was an excellent writer. He made my publication house a success.  I am enormously grateful to him. Out of this I just agreed when he asked me to invite all the names written in this diary.
–    OH MY GOD !!! That diary !!!
–    You know this sir ?
–    Yes, How can’t I ? Every single person who was close to Jeet at Parbatpur knew this diary.
Jeet was in love with a girl named Simantika. True love. Even we could realize the depth. The girl had some irrational arrogance. Sometimes it seemed like she might had some thinking disorder.  She used to force Jeet to do impossible things. Jeet was at the dawn of his career then. And everyone knows that how much struggle a man has to do in these early years. The girl used to pressure him for more time, more pampering and Jeet used to balance between his extremely laborious Job and his love. Yes we have seen what “real Care” actually is. He just set an example. But you know what, the girl also pressured for a good career too along with this. It’s not that the girl didn’t love him. The girl loved him more than anything, only she was not ready to let go her wishes. She liked to believe that it is the duty of a lover to go to any extent to fulfil the wishes of his loved one. The people like us, who were around, the people who weren’t directly involved but who were inducted by the feelings could understand that both of them love each other like no other can only they have some undefined problems in understanding each other. God knows why. It was a popular topic of under gossip in Tiffin tables those days. But Jeet was very much optimistic. So whenever anyone close to him asked him about their marriage . Every time he confidently answered that they are going to marry very soon, within 2 or 3 years. Whoever poked him “Don’t forget to invite me in your wedding” he assured them and written down their name in that diary you are holding.

–    What happened next ?
–    I don’t know exactly. All that I heard is, after leaving Parbatpur Plant  Jeet Joined a steel company.
–    What happened to His Marriage ? Did you get an invitation ?
–    No. Along with his extremely tough job he was continuing some kind of certificate course to be a member of a prestigious club. The girl’s dad was a member of that club. So it was a matter of status.
I heard that Jeet tried his best managing his love life & work. Even he left singing, he was such an excellent singer. He gave away each thing he was attached to but he failed in achieving the membership in time.
–    So what happened ? I mean the girl …. it wasn’t a condition for marriage right ?
–    No, actually it was. Although I heard that the girl’s father was okay with Jeet. But the girl rejected the marriage.
I don’t know much. I am hearing about Jeet from you only after these much years.
This Pocket diary, Covers torn. Just brought out some of those forgotten glimps.
It was meant to be used in his wedding, now you are using this to invite us in his funeral. World is a strange place Mr. Saha. Surprises are awaiting in every corner.

–    World is really a strange place indeed Sir. Stranger than even you think it actually is.
–    Why ?
–    Don’t know how. Ms. Simantika, former professor of Michigan State university was also admitted in the same ward where Mr. Indrajeet was admitted.
They met each other after almost 46 years according to Indrajeet Sir. Surprisingly they got a lot better after recognizing each other. But after 3 days Indrajeet sir suddenly passed away.  Astonishingly within 2 hours Ms. Simantika also breathed her last. The last two days they were the best of their life, Together.
So sir, this is not an invitation for funeral. Actually this is the celebration of a wedding due for half a century.