Shiva …

Let them think about an image of some Indian Deity “Who Smokes Weed Maaaan!” each time they hear this name ……

Let them shout out “Har Har Mahadeo” ….. Let them dip and pray for the betterment of their business or may be for an “Alike!” groom ……

Let them offer raw currencies or drenching with milk in exchange of their fulfilled “PRAYERS!” ….

Even let some of them crush a rock into dust for kafirs worship it as Shiva…..

Some will always remain in the remotest corners of the Earth to Inhale thy psychedelic reality.


Shiva, who you are actually ????

Are you a deity who grants wishes ? are you the one with a trident having a dambaru tied to it ? are you some weird snake charmer ? who the hell are you ???

You answered within — “Think”

I thought and saw nothing but darkness, endless darkness, even in deep meditation I fathomed only the endlessness of someone, or should I say something …

Whom ? whom i know ? who is endless ???

My consciousness replied, “Time”.

So you are time itself ? infinite in both the gradients …. “Mahakal” thy name, announces for ages, the truth i ignored.

Again I asked, “why then the weed ? why the obsession of cremation ashes ?”

Again You answered within — “Think”

My trance called out…. “some cursed with the vision through time and space which bites him everytime as a snake to inject the venom of all the misery and affliction of the universe , some has no control on his own creation, some spiked with the faults too late to correct every moment, some pained with the accumulated sorrows of the minds, some understood uncertainty as the only certain thing in the creation needs weeds of wisdom to feel all those as dreams … needs cremation ashes of sense to cover the eternity within …. needs the madness of Tandav to make the dream named creation start a new lap ”

Just like i feel bad for persons suffering, just like the frustration for my disobedient sons, Just like the blunders of past which changed everything ….

Just like the fear for losing my loved ones some day, just like the treacheries, intense hurting of my calculated assumptions …

Just like every people around ….

Shiva, Now I Know …… You are me, everyone ….. the eternal persona …

This time ….. every thing silenced …… as the only true question of the universe is answered ….

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